AromaStick Calm

AromaStick AG
Grossfeldstrasse 79
AromaStick is a Swiss based manufacturer of natural inhalers. Run by two brothers, Nick and Tim, the company was founded on the belief that natural is better, and with the dream of providing people with an effective, convenient and most importantly healthy way of getting through the day. Each scent in the natural inhalers has been carefully blended using 100% organic essential oils, and is free from artificial fragrances, carrier oils and preservatives. AromaStick has also invested heavily into research, to ensure that each product works the way it should, with several studies having been accepted for publication.
A blend of essential oils to help you find Inner strength, reassurance and confidence. AromaStick Calm soothes mind and body, helping you stay composed and in control no matter what the situation. Simply twist open, hold under your nose, and sniff. Lasts up to 6 months after opening.

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